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Fit Woman

Kassi R

For the first time in my life I didn’t see working out as a chore and I really enjoyed my PT sessions. I may not have lost weight which I know wasn’t my focus but I definitely see some changes (my lower belly is definitely abit smaller!) I’m not as bloated as before, and I generally feel better in myself 😊 x

High Five

Jess Nunes

Each class and PT session is always enjoyable and sometimes you don't realise how much you are pushing yourself because of how fun it is! The first time I trained with Clare was to tone up and I quickly noticed results and Clare would sometimes have to re do my measurements twice as we couldn't believe the change in just 2 sessions a week.

 When I work out with Clare I always feel good in myself physically and mentally, my clothes fit better, I feel stronger and I have a lot more energy and motivation. Clare is always really professional and knowledgeable with a really caring side, therefore its really easy to talk to Clare about any struggles and ask for advice and the PT sessions and online classes are value for money.

I would highly recommend Clare to anyone for whatever you are trying to achieve as I know Clare will be able to help you achieve it. 

Yoga Friends

Kairen Kane

I started Boogie Bounce with Clare around 4 years ago and it is one of the best decisions I have made!! Every class is such fun, with great music and disco lights and Clare is such a great teacher, always encouraging and giving lots of different options, so it’s great for all abilities.
During lockdown, Clare took the classes online and for me they were a lifesaver, I really looked forward to catching up with everyone on zoom, and Clare was always around for a chat after. I have found that my energy levels have gone up since I stayed Bounce and a few pounds have come off as well!! Since Clare started teaching Kettlecise and Body Conditioning I have enjoyed mixing up the classes, and have definitely seen the benefits in my fitness.


Lisa Cake

I had tried lots of other exercise classes and not really got on with them but Boogie bounce was different, the room was dark with disco lights so no one was watching what you were doing, you had your own trampoline space so you couldn't crash into anyone if you went the wrong way, it was so relaxed and lots of different levels for you to pick from. I started off with very little stamina to get through the class but as the weeks went on my energy levels increased. My stomach muscles were non-existent to start with but I can see a real difference now in my balance and core strength.
Clare is fantastic, full of energy, keeps you motivated and makes the classes fun, making you enjoy coming and excited about your next class.
Clare had kept me love of boogie bounce and fitness levels up through the lockdowns with online classes, she has also added some fantastic different classes which I also love doing, Pure stretch is a lovely end to the week on a Saturday morning stretching out all those tensions from the week and a relaxing start to the weekend.
Body con on a Tuesday has improved my balance and core strength and without the training from boogie bounce I would have struggled with this class. I still have areas to work on but Clare's classes give an all over body workout to improve your mind set as well as fitness and core strength, and without her motivation and belief in me I wouldn't be where I am today.

Body Measurements


I can't recommend Boogie Bounce classes enough!!
Clare is an amazing Instructor. I have been attending for over 2 years now and its been so much fun. The benefits are endless!!I feel great mentally and Physically...all together i have lost 2 stone and I feel fantastic!!

Woman on a Gym Mat

Laura Shaw

Clare is so enthusiastic and supportive for all abilities within all her classes. I have been attending boogie bounce for a few years now and still love the atmosphere created by the music, disco lights and Clare's infectious passion for bouncing. I have also loved her kettlecise and pure stretch class. I have previously tried yoga which was not suited to me, but I have found I absolutely love Pure stretch and surprised myself with my progress throughout the year. I'd highly recommend any of Clare's classes

Yoga Instructor

Sophie Keeley

Thanks to this amazing lady, my life has changed both physically and mentally. When I started my weight loss journey I was an anxious wreck to start exercising, but on my first class Clare welcomed me in with her big smile, talked me through everything and made me feel at ease…..the rest is history! I have lost 4.5 stone and have been guided throughout by Clare. My fave class is boogie bounce because it feels like a mini night out, without the hangover 😝 Amazing music, disco lights and the most amazing atmosphere while bouncing like crazy ladies. I have also done Kettlercise and body conditioning with Clare, both amazing! Whenever I have needed a question need answering or to expand my knowledge , Clare has always been there to give me that, and more. Always going the extra mile for me. I have so much to thank you for Clare. You have helped shape the person I am today and I am forever grateful. I can’t imagine not coming to your classes.. you are the best and incredible at what you do! 💖

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