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Fitness classes: Services

Fitness Classes

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Boogie Bounce 

Low impact HIT - Cardio based training

BOOGIE BOUNCE - Is the market Leader when it comes to rebounding exercise classes and we have been established the longest - 26 years! And running here in Aylesbury for the past 8!

Using mini trampolines and choreographed routines from the latest chart tunes to inspiring music from throughout the decades. Boogie Bounce is a high intensity and low impact Fat-blasting cardio workout with an estimated 400-600 calorie burn for each 50 minute session. Its not about how high you can jump but how controlled you can bounce. Boogie Bounce is dancing with intervals of stomping, frogging, lots of whooping and much much more.

Each trampoline is fitted with a T shaped safety bar giving you piece of mind whilst you work out. Our Trampolines are capable of resisting up to 20 stone/ 127KG in weight.

Even more health benefits-

Increased metabolism

Relieves stress

Low impact on joints and ligaments

Improves the Lymphatic system

Gently strengthens the pelvic floor

Reduces cellulite

Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes

All classes are run under the disco lights to add an extra buzz to the party atmosphere. It caters for all, including complete beginners and mixed abilities. We all workout at our own rate and follow the higher or lower options given throughout every session. Classes are suitable from 8 years and upwards. Bouncers aged 8-16 must be accompanied/supervised by an bouncing adult.

Classes run Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30pm

Fridays 9:30am at Prebendal Farm Community Centre, Aylesbury HP19 7QT

Fridays are run as a child friendly session
This means you are welcome to bring in under 5's with you to watch, please pack some toys or perhaps an iPad to keep them busy whist you workout. If we are not busy I will set up a few trampolines too. 
PLEASE NOTE - Children remain your responsibility at all times.

What will I need?

A towel, water and to wear suitable clothing including gripped bounce socks.

You can purchase socks before class for £4 a pair cash or bring and wear your own. Clean trainers are also suitable for your first session. Please bring in an exercise mat for the toning section of the class. Both in person and On demand classes are available.


Boogie Bounce circuits

Pop up class

Join us for a fun, blood pumping, fat burning circuit based workout. The Disco lights will be on and the tunes rocking as we work our way round a circuit of stations to complete body weight exercise challenges along side current Boogie Bounce move combos on the trampolines! A mix of resistance and cardio exercises designed to work your heart and lungs whilst  strengthening and toning your muscles! Working at our own rate and following the high or lower options given throughout means this session is suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities.  All the benefits of a regular Boogie Bounce session plus extra strength and fat burn on top. Our Trampolines are capable of resisting up to 20 stone/127kg in weight. Class is suitable from age 11+. 11-16 yrs need to be booked in with and supervised by an adult.

Next pop up classes running: Monday 16th September ,21st October, 18th November & 16th December at 6:30pm at Southcourt Community Centre, HP21 8LF.

Please note - We run these sessions as a substitute for Boogie Bounce when we change venue for 8 Monday

sessions of the year.

What will I need?

A towel, water and to wear suitable clothing including gripped bounce socks.

You can purchase socks before class for £4 a pair cash or bring and wear your own. Clean trainers are also suitable for this session. 

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Sculpt and tone- Weight resistance training.

Kettlercise is a group fitness class based entirely on training with just one piece of equipment.... a Kettle bell! Kettlercise is THE single most effective workout, designed to shape and tone your body achieving rapid fat loss and creating lean muscle tone, using a low weight kettlebell. Each class is low impact and great fun, easy-to-follow, and lasts 50 minutes. People of all fitness levels enjoy Kettlercise. If you want to burn calories, lose fat, Improve flexibility, strengthen your core and burn 400-800 calories per 50 minute session then Kettlercise is the class for you!

Class is suitable for aged 15+

Want to see a class on action? Hit this link

Class runs Mondays 7:40pm from Prebendal Farm Community Centre, Aylesbury HP19 7QT

What will I need?

A towel, water and to wear suitable clothing including trainers and your exercise mat.

Kettlebell/s can be provided for face to face classes.

You will need your own kit to participate in our On demand sessions. If you have kettlebells of your own please get in touch before you book on to check they are suitable alternatively contact us if you would like to purchase some.

Fitness classes: Services


Flexibility, mobility and core training

There's Yoga, there's Pilates and now there is Purestretch! A fun and easy to follow flowing class that completes on one of the most important

components of fitness....Flexibility.

Release your body's muscular tension and allow an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Improve your posture and body alignment, mobility, and flexibility. Get rid of those aches and pains, reduce your risk of future injures and take your overall fitness performance to the next level. You don't need to be flexible at all to start, but you'll soon be reaching for those toes.

Each session includes dynamic, static active, and static passive stretching techniques whilst also incorporating exercises to challenge your core... hello abs! 

This class is sure to benefit anyone that attends it. Class suitable for all ages 11+ and all abilities. Children 11 -16 years will need to booked in with an adult. In person and On demand classes are available.

Class runs Wednesday 7:45pm from Prebendal Farm Community Centre, Aylesbury HP19 7QT

What will I need?

Water, to wear suitable clothing and your exercise mat.

Some sessions will require a yoga strap, belt or dressing gown cord. Your instructor will let you know beforehand. Yoga straps can be purchased for £8 cash before class.

On demand Home workouts

Body tone - 30 & 45 min sessions - ON DEMAND ONLY

Boogie bounce - 50 min sessions

Kettlebells - 30 & 45 min sessions

Purestretch - 45 min session

Perfect if you cant make it in for in person classes or you wish to do more. Access is given 365 days of the year. All workouts are added to the On demand library as they are being currently taught in class.

Body tone: is a total body workout designed to build muscle strength and endurance. These sessions will shape and tone all of those hard to reach areas whilst hitting your cardiovascular system. We will work on exercises to challenge your ability and increase your fitness levels. Estimated calorie burn is 200-400 per  30/45 minute session. This is a mixed ability workouts suitable for complete beginners with variations given throughout. Sessions are mix up of both non and equipment based.

On demand home workouts can be purchased as part of your in person membership or a stand alone membership. ​

What will I need?

A towel, water and to wear suitable clothing including trainers plus your exercise mat. You will need to provide any equipment required to participate in the session.

Fitness classes: Services
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